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What Is a 360 Record Deal?

A 360 record deal is an exclusive contract between a label and an artist. In a 360 deal, a record label takes a share of the artist’s music sales, and revenues from other ventures such as concerts, merchandise sales, television appearances, or publishing. The goal of these deals is to recoup costs for breaking new artists and launching their careers.

Who is the 360 Record deal Good For?

If you’re an artist, the 360 deal is not your friend. The label will own all of your music and can do whatever they want with it—including selling that same music to other labels. This is a bad thing if you want to keep control over your work and ensure that it’s treated ethically throughout its life cycle.

However, a 360 deal does not last forever. When done right, the artist can come out with more profits than the label, all without spending any of their own money. It’s all a gamble, but with the right audience and strategy, both the artist and label could receive a huge payoff.

Don’t get screwed!

One of the most common ways to get screwed when it comes to a 360 deal is by not hiring a good lawyer.

Avoid signing any record deal without first having a lawyer look over everything to make sure it’s safe for you.

It’s also important to clearly define your splits before signing anything. If one person is getting paid 75% and the other person is only getting paid 15%, then the terms of the agreement should be spelled out clearly so both parties know what they are getting into before they sign anything.

Also, Don’t be afraid to negotiate for additional benefits. 

If the label wants a percentage of the merchandise profit, make them have a stake in manufacturing the merchandise.


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Magasco hits 1 million streams

Magasco hits 1 million streams on Spotify and that is proof that the grass only gets greener when you water it. Despite the many hurdles and pitfalls, he has been through, he keeps standing.

In 2019 many thought the name Magasco would gradually fade away after his contract with EMPIRE Company was a wrap. He managed to change the narrative! We all can agree he is doing just fine by himself!

A little Maths for the numbers guy:

According to an igroove study conducted in 2022, Spotify pays between $0.003 to $0.005 per stream on average. Meaning 1000 Spotify streams amount to approximately $3 to $5  

Magasco hitting 1 million streams would mean Spotify pays him about $3000 to $5000 yearly. That is 3 million francs CFA according to today’s conversion rate.” chicken change” compared to his yearly expenses as an A-list artist!

But still, it’s enough incentive for those coming up who can only dream of such numbers. Efforts invested in the right place with the right strategy and the right people always pay up.

The silver lining:

This post should not gas you up! “keeping your music inside your cupboard” won’t earn you any money. We hope upcoming and fast-rising Cameroon music artists can take this as a motivation by following Magasco’s footsteps. “A bird at hand is worth more than 10 in the bush”

Now that Magasco is already choping Spotify money, what’s your advice for him?

5 things about Wan Shey - Promo moguls

Wan Shey is a Cameroonian, Award-winning Rapper/Songwriter based in Douala, Cameroon. He is one of Cameroon’s fast-growing rappers due to his versatility. His musical mantra is merging his cultural roots with modern hip-hop music to create a flow that transcends all age groups. He is indeed a rare gem in the Cameroon music industry and today we bring to you 5 things about Wan Shey you didn’t know.

1) He is the CEO/Co-owner of Sabiboy Records record label:

Wan Shey also known as Tribal Leader is signed under Sabiboy Records and he is the CEO of Sabiboy Records. He has as partners Sama Yibain AKA Iron Bitz, Tabi Zama (Pa Shawn of TGIM Pictures), and Neba Elvis.

2) He’s a proud son of the Nso Soil:

 His song “Status Update” reveals to us that he was raised in a little village situated on the outskirts of #Nso_land called Tatum. Growing up in such a great place full of customs and beliefs surely birth Shey’s unique perspective on life. This could be seen in the way he approaches every song lyrically.

3) He’s a lover of folk music:

Despite being a rapper Wan Shey is a big fan of folk music. His music listening playlist is dominated by mostly folk songs.

4) There is more to his sunshades as we discovered they are corrective lenses:
Wan Shey has been amblyopic since birth and this isn’t a handicap for him. He is an able man capable of a lot of big things and we think his corrective lenses add to his swagga

5) He has a smart pen game:

Not many can boast of writing good lyrics on the spot and using only a little time. we find it particularly amazing that Wan Shey wrote ‘Status Update’ in just 45 minutes. It is said he wrote it during the recording session.
Status update got some good bars! His delivery is powerful, on point, and sounds like he spent days rehearsing his flow before recording day. .

What are other interesting things about Wan Shey worth sharing?