Pascal & Jovi can’t be the best bros anytime soon

Pascal and Jovi
Pascal and Jovi

Yes! Pascal and Jovi can’t be the best of bros anytime soon. While we wish for them to make up, here is an insight into what happened between them. First and foremost let’s roll the intro.

A little background:

Ndimofor Wonishi Pascal was born on 13th April 1992 and went by the stage name Pascal aka Yong King. For the sake of simplicity, we shall refer to him as Pascal in this post

Pascal has been in love with music since the age of 10. He went by the alias Strike P in the early stage of his career. After a few of his songs circulated, he was applauded for his flow. 

At the start of 2015, Strike P was Rebranded to Pascal after he got absorbed into the Newbell Music family under the leadership and fathership of renowned Cameroonian Rap Artist and Producer Jovi Le Monstre. 

Pascal was on Jovi and everything!

Throughout his time at Newbell Music, Pascal released two EPs; Work Dey Vol 1 in 2015 with features from Jovi, Reniss, and Tilla. Work Dey Volume II The Prelude followed in April 2016 with features from Jovi & Rostou. He later released an Album in September 2016 titled Work Dey 3, with features from Lor, Jovi, Reniss, Tris from Gabon, Kana’a from Togo and Fredy Massamba from Congo Brazzaville.

He also featured in the subsequent projects: NewBell Music’s compilation EP (Lord have mercy), Jovi’s second EP Kankwe Volume II (Check Sense), Jovi’s 4th EP Puta Madre (How Many So Many), Jovi’s 5th EP Bad Music, (Best Of Me); Jovi’s second album Mboko God (Beat tape session), Jovi’s third album 16Wives (Workmanship). Reniss’s second EP Milkish (Mango). Shey’s EP Tapsi (Ice cream).

After leaving New Bell Music and getting a record deal with Strange Kings record label (which he later on left), the “Check Sense” crooner has been getting a fair share of criticism and backlash from his fans and the population at large. After the release of “Paapi”, his only song under Strange Kings, Pascal was on a muted stance for over a year.

But obviously, he was planning his great comeback as he blessed the world with the EP titled “PIKIN 4 SUN” which is definitely an amazing art piece of 7 songs. It features talented names of the music industry like Mihney and Chick Nick.

Fuel on fire between Pascal and Jovi:

Jovi rose on social media a week ago following Pascal’s performance at Koko Lounge in Yaoundé where he attributed his success in his music career to Jovi. Jovi was apparently angered by that and told Pascal who according to him, has been very impolite to him, to keep his name out of his mouth.

One thing led to another and Pascal eventually announced in a live video on Facebook that he was quitting music due to their inability to coexist.

Some fans even went on to plead with Jovi to forgive Pascal as that was apparently the only thing that could bring Pascal back. All the while, Jovi maintained that he has been disrespected by Pascal on numerous occasions; privately and publicly, and the only way he can pardon him is if he clearly outlines every single offense he has been apologizing for. 

Pascal has obviously not done that yet.

But where is Pascal?

We have browsed through the years and could barely get a trace of pascal’s recent work. To date, Pascal has been on the low while Jovi is gradually surfing with RENISS by his side. They both will probably be making more chapters to history as Jovi posted a video of her in a home studio hyping a new banger that was playing in the background.

Is there any possibility of Pascal Yong King bouncing back from sleep and claiming his long-occupied spot in the 237-music industry?


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