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Magasco hits 1 million streams

Magasco hits 1 million streams on Spotify and that is proof that the grass only gets greener when you water it. Despite the many hurdles and pitfalls, he has been through, he keeps standing.

In 2019 many thought the name Magasco would gradually fade away after his contract with EMPIRE Company was a wrap. He managed to change the narrative! We all can agree he is doing just fine by himself!

A little Maths for the numbers guy:

According to an igroove study conducted in 2022, Spotify pays between $0.003 to $0.005 per stream on average. Meaning 1000 Spotify streams amount to approximately $3 to $5  

Magasco hitting 1 million streams would mean Spotify pays him about $3000 to $5000 yearly. That is 3 million francs CFA according to today’s conversion rate.” chicken change” compared to his yearly expenses as an A-list artist!

But still, it’s enough incentive for those coming up who can only dream of such numbers. Efforts invested in the right place with the right strategy and the right people always pay up.

The silver lining:

This post should not gas you up! “keeping your music inside your cupboard” won’t earn you any money. We hope upcoming and fast-rising Cameroon music artists can take this as a motivation by following Magasco’s footsteps. “A bird at hand is worth more than 10 in the bush”

Now that Magasco is already choping Spotify money, what’s your advice for him?